Our Food

Wine and food are long time best friends — both talents rise to the occasion when performing together. Whether you need a bite to curb your hunger, or choose to relish a relaxed meal over a beautifully paired bottle, the barrel room has the perfect menu.   Like the art of wine, food is best when it hasn’t been overly fussed or mussed with, so we keep it simple, tried-and-true, fresh, and delicious.

    • House Tappas

      sharing is encouraged served tapas style, items are served as ready

    • Spanish Tortilla (Frittata)

      eggs, onions, potatoes, olive oil, lightly seasoned with salt & pepper


    • Hummus Trio

      classic garlic hummus, edamame hummus, olive hummus served with crispy pita and sliced cucumber for dipping.


    • Santo Cannoli!!

      house savory cannoli italian sausage, feta, garlic poppy seed aioli, & parsley stuffed cannoli - eat it like a taco


    • Stuffed Mushrooms Medley

      truffle pesto mushrooms roasted dried tomato, walnut, truffle pesto, & balsamic reduction goat cheese mushrooms: warm goat cheese, pine nuts, and rasberry reduction.


    • Deviled Chorizo & Eggs

      half order classic deviled spanish chorizo & eggs; half order avocado mash.


    • Baked Brie

      fennel & apple in a sourdough bowl with a side of grain mustard aioli.


    • Empanadas

      chef’s selection of daily empanadas


    • Smoked Sardine Montaditos

      pacifc sardines, greek yogurt, chives, & lemon juice, topped on a fresh crostini.


    • Plates

      ask your server for the selection of the day

    • Cheese Plate

      assorted artisan cheeses with fig jam, grapes, & fresh bread.


    • Festival Plate

      mix of artisan cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, grapes, jams & bread


    • Charcuterie Plate

      daily selection of artisan meats with olives, nut medley, breads, and dried fruits.


    • Salad

      Served with artisan bread

    • Spanish Cucumber Salad

      cucumber, red onion, tomato, salt, pepper, lemon & orange juice, olive oil, & salted pumpkin seeds.


    • Caprese

      heirloom tomato, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, balsamic reduction, pesto, & olive oil.


    • Goat Cheese

      goat cheese, croutons, toasted & trued almonds, oranges, greens, & a light sherry vinaigrette.


    • Prosciutto & Seasonal Fruit

      prosciutto wrapped seasonal fruit, crumbled feta, market greens, roasted beet, toasted walnuts, mango vinaigrette, focaccia, goat cheese & fig crostini.


    • Soup

    • Tomato Basil Bisque

    • Soup of the Day!

    • Grilled Sandwiches and Flat Breads

      please allow 8-10 min per at bread

    • Mozzarella & Jamon

      ovo mozzarella, pine nut pesto, roasted tomatoes, & jamon serrano (cured Spanish ham) and a house salad with “the barrel room” house dressing'


    • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque

      mozzarella, burrata, & cheddar blend grilled on focaccia served with tomato soup for dipping.


    • Chicken Marinara Panino

      grilled chicken, tomato sauce, basil, burrata, served on baguette and a house salad with “the barrel room” house dressing.


    • Greek Flat Bread

      tomato marinara, kalamata olives, red onion, fresh cucumber, feta cheese, balsamic infused greek yogurt, & parsley.


    • Italian Flat Bread

      tomato marinara, fig, burrata, prosciutto, truffled arugula, & light olive oil.


    • Florentina Flat Bread

      chicken, spinach, caramelized onion, three cheese marinara, with citrus créme fraîche


    • Sweet Finish

    • Classic Cannoli

      classic cannoli shell filled with ricotta, dried fruit, chocolate chips topped with powdered sugar & orange.


    • Spanish Flan a la the barrel room

      classic flan, topped with praline & seasonal berries.


    • Créme Fraîche Panna Cotta

      house made créme fraîche panna cotta served over rich caramel & topped with black caviar.


    • Dessert Flat Bread

      honey goat cheese, figs, dates, nutella, powdered sugar.


    • Beverages


    • San Pelligrino

      classic sparkling water


    • Fruit Infused Sparkling Sodas

      Italian soda style sparkling water infused with liquid fruit (selections change - ask your server)


    • Bottomless Iced Tea

    • Hot Tea

      organic tea selections


    • Organic Coffee by Cafe Calacas

      single origin (chiapas jacinto, mexico) chemex brewed, please allow 5-6 minutes